DC to 15 Ghz SMT Attenuator Chip

HYBR-FILM ™ AW-7560 Series are high performance RF & Microwave, fixed, Triple Wrap SMT attenuators offering DC to 15 GHz operation, offered as standard components. The AW-7560 attenuators are designed for SMT mounting techniques. They can be mounted with epoxy to a hard substrate or soldered on a printed circuit board. These parts also offer excellent frequency stability and long-term reliability. With a power rating of 2 watt pulse and 200 Milliwatts CW makes them an excellent choice for applications for Medical, Broadcast, Industrial, Commercial Wireless, Military and Space.

All values from 0 – 10 dB are usually in stock available on tape and reel (standard), waffle pack, or bulk packaging. Chips are also available with a variety of I/O metalizations for soldering and other mounting processes.

Standard parts are RoHs compliant.

Series Selection Chart

Part Number




DC 4.0 GHz.


4.0-12.0 GHz.




DC-4.0 GHz.


12.0-15.0 GHz.


AW-7560-000-0.01-0.20-0.31.06 Max1.25 Max.

AW-7560-0110.1±0.10-.010 to -0.301.06 Max1.25 Max.

AW-7560-0220.1±0.10-.010 to -0.301.06 Max1.25 Max.

AW-7560-0330.1±0.10-.010 to -0.301.06 Max1.25 Max.

AW-7560-0440.2±0.20-0.20 to -0.501.06 Max1.25 Max.

AW-7560-0550.2±0.20-0.20 to -0.501.06 Max1.25 Max.

AW-7560-0660.2±0.20-0.20 to -0.501.06 Max1.25 Max.

AW-7560-0770.2±0.20-0.20 to -0.501.06 Max1.25 Max.

AW-7560-0880.2±0.20-0.20 to -0.501.06 Max1.25 Max.

AW-7560-0990.2±0.20-0.20 to -0.501.06 Max1.25 Max.

AW-7560-10100.2±0.20-0.20 to -0.501.06 Max1.25 Max.

AW-7560-20200.3+0.30-0.3 to -0.601.06 Max1.25 Max.